Calvisius Caviar

It all begins in the small town of Calvisano, situated between Venice and Milan. There you will find the Agroittica Lombarda, the most prolific caviar farm in the world, producing 20 tons of eggs per year.

This project of farming endangered fish in fresh water began in collaboration with the University of California, Davis, and a Pacific species of White Sturgeon.

The Agroittica Lombarda looks much like a scientific lab, with technicians wearing lab coats in a controlled and sterile environment. Unlike many farms that continually use the same recycled water, here the fish are kept in constant supply of fresh groundwater.

Each female carries an embedded microchip that stores genetic information as well as weight, pond of origin, diet, and any other relevant statistics.

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The processing method is known as the "Molossol Way", molossol being a Russian word which means "less salt" (only 3% salt is used in proportion to the caviar weight). Less salt allows more of the natural flavors to arrive at the palate.

We currently offer four types of Calvisius Caviar: Caviar de Venise, Oscietra Classic, Oscietra Royal, and White Sturgeon.

White Sturgeon Caviar by Calvisius is a delicious and creamy-tasting caviar, characterized by a color ranging from dark-brown to gray and light amber. This roe is medium-large size, and exhibits a light nutty flavor.

Oscietra Classic (Russian Sturgeon Caviar) by Calvisius has an intense aroma and an unmistakable flavor. This exquisite roe ranges from medium to small size. Caviar experts will particularly love the translucent color, which can vary from dark-gray to brown.

Oscietra Royal (Russian Sturgeon Caviar) has a creamy and delicious taste exhibiting a somewhat nutty flavor. Caviar Connoisseur will certainly appreciate this delicious and creamy caviar with a color ranging from dark-brown to gray and light amber. The roe is a medium-large size.

Caviar de Venise is slightly smaller in size than the White Sturgeon and Oscietra. Caviar de Venise exhibits a well-rounded flavor that lingers on the palate, but very gently. This new addition to the caviar family is a recent Italian discovery. Served best simply and elegantly with dollop of creme fraiche.

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