Enjoy Fine Gourmet Steak, Roasts And Lobster Tail

We are proud to offer these products from Prince Meats®, purveyor of premium steaks and roasts. Founded in 1973, Prince Meats® uses only the finest native Midwest-raised, corn-fed beef animals - no dairy breeds, no imports.

The beef, all USDA Choice or Prime, is perfectly aged - using both wet and dry processes - for 14 to 21 days in a state-of-the-art aging cooler. Master butchers hand-carve and hand trim each steak to 1/8" fat tolerance, best for cooking, flavor and value. Then the steaks are either hand-wrapped or vacuum-sealed to lock in their nature, buttery flavor and flash-frozen to 0º Fehrenheit.

Each box is shipped in a sturdy styrofoam container inside a protective carton, along with plenty of dry ice. You can be assured that your order will arrive in impeccable condition. Every time. We guarantee it.


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