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The Tassimo Hot Beverage System is a consumer coffee machine that prepares convenient one-cup servings of espresso, regular coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and various other coffee drinks. It was first introduced in France in 2004 and is now available worldwide. The machines were developed by Kraft Foods Inc. Originally they were manufactured by Saeco International Group S.p.A. and distributed by Braun. New versions of the brewer are now being manufactured by Bosch.

All machines operate with the exclusive Tassimo-labeled coffee pod, called T-Discs. The Tassimo discs (T-Discs), are produced and distributed by Kraft. Each single serve pod has a bar code printed on its label. Once inserted, the Tassimo machine reads the bar code to calculate the amount of water, brewing time, and temperature for the specific beverage. The brewing process takes between 30–60 seconds. Among the brand named coffees and teas available to the Tassimo system are Gevalia coffee blends and expressos, Twinings teas.

Our cybercucina.com online store offers the Tassimo Hot Beverage System. Simply stroll through the Tassimo Bosch Hot Beverage Systems Aisle to view all of our selections. Top selling brewers and accessories are:


T65 Single Serve Hot Beverage System: This is the perfect system for home or office. There is no mess, no fuss, beverage options for every taste, and quiet operation. And it's very economical since there is never any waste and low energy consumption.

The Unique bar code reader technology used by the T65 Brewer automatically adjusts the amount of water, the brewing time and the temperature for a perfect cup every time.

New features incorporated in the T65 Brewer include:

  • Convenient operation -- The multilingual LCD display provides user-friendly visual and linguistic instructions.
  • Everything in view -- The cup-stand illuminates cup while brewing.

T45 Hot Beverage System: The TAS4511UC Suprema Hot Beverage System offers coffeehouse quality hot beverages with a fully automatic one-button operation.

Drink strength may be customized to suit individual tastes and virtually no pre-heat time is required. The T45 is designed to accommodate most cup sizes, travel mugs, and glasses.

The included Mavea water filter improves flavor and aroma of beverages while extending the life of the machine by reducing lime and scale.

We absolutely love this product. It is perfect for office use since there is no mess, no fuss, and options for every taste. But, for some of the very same reasons, it is also desirable for in-home use. And, Tassimo is very economical since there is never any waste.


Nifty Carousel For T-Discs: The Nifty Coffee Disc Carousel makes it convenient to access the variety of discs for your single cup machine. It allows accessibility either from the top or bottom of each disc holder and holds both the small and large discs.

With a very attractive chrome finish, the Coffee Disc Carousel looks great on any counter, or easily stores in a cupboard close by. It has a 360 degree turning radius and holds up to 40 discs.

Just like the brewer itself, the carousel is great for home and office alike.


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