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Buy Tassimo T-Discs and other single serve beverages at Easy online ordering, fast shipping, great customer service. Visit us today!Find a variety of Tassimo T-Discs here at Easy online ordering, fast shipping, great customer service. Visit us today!

The ingenious Tassimo system of Discs (T-DISCS) is designed to work exclusively with the Tassimo Hot Beverage System. Each of the wide variety of T-DISCS contains a precisely measured amount of coffee, tea, chocolate or concentrated milk, and is sealed to protect the flavors inside. A bar code on top of the T-Disc instructs the machine to automatically adjust the amount of water, the brewing time and the temperature.

The beverage brews inside the T-DISC using a unique inverse flow. Your beverage pours directly from T-DISC into the cup so different drinks can be prepared in sucession.

Among the brands available in Tassimo T-Discs are Gevalia Coffee Blends and Twinings Teas. Here is a list of our top selling Tassimo T-Discs:

Gevalia Cappuccino T-Disc is an authentic cappuccino defined by the intense taste of Gevalia Espresso and a layer of frothy, real milk. This combination package includes 8 Gevalia Espresso T-Discs and 8 special milk T-Discs from Kraft that work with your Tassimo system to produce a perfectly frothed cappuccino.

Suchard Hot Chocolate Suchard Hot Chocolate is a rich, creamy, indulgent hot chocolate flavor drink from one of Europe's premier chocolatiers. Great taste meets with smart technology for the perfect cup of hot drinking chocolate each time you brew. Suchard Hot Chocolate Syrup T-Discs contain sugar, water, high fructose syrup (from chicory), milk, cocoa, less than 2% of natural and artificial flavor, and salt.

Gevalia Espresso Gevalia's espresso is their darkest roast with deliciously bitter notes and fine aroma characteristic of fine espressos. Savor it after a great meal. Great taste meets with smart technology for the perfect cup of full bodied espresso each time you brew.

Gevalia Latte Lattés are the new favorite of coffeehouses everywhere. Now make the perfect latte at home. Start with the intense flavor of Gevalia Espresso and add real milk from the special T-Disc to enjoy the smooth, rich taste of a Gevalia Latté.

Gevalia Sweet And Creamy Iced Coffee Gevalia is known for its robust flavored coffee. Now, they make it possible to maintain that robust taste even when sweetened and served over ice. The Gevalia Sweet & Creamy Iced Coffee is formulated to be brewed directly into a 16 oz. ice-filled cup, followed by "brewing" the milk creamer T-Disc, creating the perfect balance of robust and sweet creamy tastes.

Twinings Chai Latte Twinings Chai Tea Latte is a deliciously indulgent warm drink made from a fusion of rich black tea with the exotic spices of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger, plus a milk creamer to create a wonderfully creamy texture.

Gevalia Peppermint Mocha Flavored Coffee Gevalia Peppermint Mocha Coffee is the lively union of the rich taste of Gevalia Espresso and luscious syrup with the flavors of peppermint and dark chocolate. Experience this delectable blend for a truly special beverage that's sure to warm you on cold winter days.

Gevalia Caramel Latte Macchiato Gevalia Caramel Latte Macchiato combines the intense flavor of Gevalia Espresso and caramel flavor with creamy milk. Experience the authentic cafe style latte macchiato defined by bold espresso and caramel flavors complemented by the velvety texture of creamy milk.

Gevalia Signature Blend Coffee Gevalia Signature Blend Coffee is a full-bodied coffee which is somewhat dark and low in bitterness. A robust blend of beans from East Africa and South America created by the Gevalia Master Taster in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Gevalia.

Gevalia Morning Roast Coffee Gevalia Morning Roast Coffee is a flavorful dark roast in a new larger size 12oz. serving. It is made of 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Our online store offers many choices of Tassimo T-Discs for your Tassimo machine. Simply visit the Tassimo Bosch Hot Beverage Systems and T-Discs Aisle to view our selections.

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