About Pasta Sauce

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Pasta is a staple food that comes hundreds of different shapes. They are shaped primarily to act as a carrier for the sauce. The type of sauce and the type of pasta are usually matched based on consistency and ease of eating.

Light, thin sauces, such as a lemon cream, should be served angel hair or thin spaghetti. Heavier sauces, like tomato based sauces should be served with thicker pasta shapes, like fettuccine and lasagne.

Italian cuisine incorporates many varieties of tomato sauce. Puttanesca sauce is seasoned with anchovies, capers, garlic, chilli peppers and black olives. Bolognese sauce is a ground meat sauce which normally contains a small amount of tomato. Marinara sauce is an Italian-American term for a simple tomato sauce with parsley and basil. The term "ragu" is Italian for gravy, the word there for sauce.

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