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Balsamic vinegar (Italian: aceto balsamico) a condiment originating from Italy, is considered a wine vinegar but it is not made from wine, but from grape pressings that have never been permitted to ferment into wine.

The prized Balsamico Tradizionale is very much like a fine wine. It is generally produced from Trebbiano grapes (which are picked and then often left in the sun for further ripening to increase the sugar level). These are crushed and pressed into a juice (called "must") and then simmered in open pots for 24-30 hours. This unfermented juice is cooled, allowed to settle and then placed in the first of a series of barrels to age. The vinegar first goes through alcoholic fermentation and then acetic oxidation. In other words, the sugars turn into alcohol which turns into acid which converts the liquid into vinegar.

A minimum of 12 years of aging is required by law in order to allow this product to be designated as balsamico tradizionale (traditional balsamic vinegar). Although 20-30 years aging is not uncommon in Modena. It is this long time period required to produce this quality product that is the main determinant of its price.

Always remember, just a little balsamic vinegar goes a very long way! Only a few drops will add an extra dimension to any dish. Longer aged products will tend to require less as the flavor becomes more intense with age

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