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Gift baskets which feature tasty gourmet food products attractively packaged are a feature at Cybercucina.

Our Gourmet Pasta Sampler offers some familiar and some quite unique pasta cuts to enjoy. We begin with Croxetti, pasta discs in the shape of coins each stamped with a stalk of wheat. They are wonderful with substantial sauces such as pesto or walnut sauce.

Next we offer Troffiette. This thin, tight twist shaped pasta has the appearance of being hand rolled and then "pinched" at each end. It is commonly served with basil pesto or walnut pesto since its twisted shape holds these sauces nicely.

Gnocchi are similar to potato dumplings. They are elegant served with a butter-sage sauce, and rustic and homey with a tomato based sauce.

Farro is an excellent grain which is a precursor of wheat and much easier to digest. It has a bit of a nutty flavor but works well with most sauce preparations. We offer two cuts of Farro pasta-Rigatini and Pizzichi.

We complete our selection with two small cuts of pasta which work well with soups as well as salads-Orzo, which is very similar to rice, and Fregola Sarda which is a bit like a large grain couscous.

The entire pasta collection is presented in a beribboned gift box and suits any gift- giving occasion.Our cybercucina.com online store offers this gift basket and many others types of food gifts. Simply stroll through the Gift Baskets & Other Gift Arrangements Aisle to view our selections.


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